Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year fireworks at Sydney Harbour

It's the New Year once again. It's another year of fresh start and new resolutions leaving the past year behind us.

A friend said to me last night that New Year is just another day. I replied it may be just another year but to some it's a new year of hope and dreams. We constantly strive to accomplish something in our lives and the road is not usually smooth. There is many bumps along the way but that can only strengthen us. The New Year is a way for us to reflect on our past, learn from it, grow and aim for our goals for the future. It is a way of life. Without hope and dreams our life will just be an empty shell.

New Year Eve fireworks over Sydney Harbour

I spent the New Year eve at a party in a house in Neutral Bay overlooking Sydney Harbour. Two years ago I was at another party at a different location in Neutral Bay. Both locations provide spectacular view of the world famous fireworks. Neutral Bay is fortunate to be hilly and I shot the pictures on the open rooftop terrace.

My initial plan was to camp out early at a prime location close by the harbour so I can have the perfect shot. That would mean having to go to the area in the morning and to wait over 10 hours before the fireworks. I decided against it as it would mean having to jostle with thousands of party revellers and some intoxicated with alcohol. The journey home after the big show will be horrendous with long queues and crowded trains.

The merry making at the New Year eve fireworks saw 1.5million people fronting the area around the harbour. There were two shows one at 9pm which was aimed at families and the main firework at midnight. The price tag is $5 million.

Happy New Year to all and wish that 2009 will be a fulfilling year for you with happiness and success.

Best, Stan Ngo

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Johan Donald said...

Thanks for sharing an excellent post with cool pics!! The New Year is a way for us to reflect on our past, learn from it, grow and aim for our goals for the future.
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Julian Davis said...

Excellent blog post regarding the NYE celebrations in Sydney Harbour..
Photographs of fireworks are amazing.

Wish you a Happy New Year !!!
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