Sunday, January 31, 2010

King and Queen of NUS at Blackout Party 2010

Visit the photo gallery of the crowning
of Mr and Ms NUS -

The King and Queen of NUS 2010 was crowned last night at the F1 Pit Building at Marina Bay.

The annual event organised by NUSSU Bash 2010 see a big turned out by students from the National University of Singapore, their families and supporters.

Congratulations to Raymond Koh and Valene Chai for winning the crown.

Here are some photos from the event with more to follow. A website will be created shortly with all the pageant photos on stage plus off stage photos. See behind the scene photos of how the contestants prepare themselves as they go on stage that you don't get to see.

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Happy Australia Day

A very happy Australia Day to all my aussie friends in Australia. Just thinking of you folks on this holiday. I can picture the beautiful sky, sun, sand, smell the salt, people on the beach, surfers in the ocean, picnic at the park and having brunch at the lovely sidewalk cafes. I can imagine myself having a big aussie breakfast on a relaxing sunny summer day :_)

Photo: beach at Goldcoast with Q1 tower in the far distant, the tallest residential tower in the world.

Link: Q1 tower

Sunday, January 24, 2010

New Photography Website Design

This is a first look at the design and layout of my new website. My old website was designed in December 2007 when I entered into the photography business.

A good photography website that is well designed with good content will help to create interest in my work and bring business. A good website is critical these days as it is a photographer's online portfolio.

Over the weekend I have spent countless hours putting together the concept design that I like which I feel has to be very photography centric. As a photographer, the photos are our work and that is what people want to see and buy from us. Hence the photos are now the main focus and in large images to draw the viewers attention.

The new design has colour added using the oriental red from my new logo for some of the text. My logo has the Chinese character 'lóng' which means dragon and I thought it would be appropriate to add a new symbol at the bottom. It is the lucky clouds which is auspicious that bring blessings and harmony.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Quote by Dorothea Lange

“Photography takes an instant out of time,
altering life by holding it still.”

- Dorothea Lange
(American documentary photographer, 1895-1965)

Birth of a new logo

Today marks the birth of a new logo for my photography business. Thanks to a friend who has helped me to design the new logo.
The new logo is an update of my original logo to freshen it, add a little colour to modernise it. My old logo was first created in December 2007 using an ancient Chinese seal script form of the character for "Dragon". It is pronounced Lóng in Mandarin Chinese. In 2008 I modified it by having a black square box behind the character.

During the process of redesigning my new logo the Lóng character was initially dropped. I was in a dilemma on whether to forgo it and go completely modern. But I felt I still want to keep the oriental feel to it. It is part of me and will always be. Feedback from my friends have also been encouraging too in favour of maintaining the old logo. A good friend sumed it all.

She said "In view of fengshui, LONG is good. It will bring your career to great heights one day. I would suggest you preserve the form & shape of LONG. You can enhance but don't distort LONG too much, otherwise there's no more LONG energy left for you to carry on your career building. LOL". How true and we are after all Chinese J

With a new year, new decade and start of my business in Singapore it would be timely to modernise the logo. Thank you Aaaron Henley for your help to design my new fabulous new logo. Clean and simple logo with a touch of oriental red to make it vibrant.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Photography rates

Photography rates card are used in commercial photography to market photographers. I have created a new rates card for myself with the idea coming from a friend of mine who is a creative head of a design company.

The left of the card is a collage of my work from commercial, corporate to studio portrait and models portfolio. The right will list the different fees for the services.

If you ever need a photographer to shoot for commercial work in Singapore, please feel free to contact me to ask for my rates card.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

NUS Bash 2010 'Black Out' party

Visit the photo gallery of the crowning
of Mr and Ms NUS -

The official photos from the photo shoot for NUS Bash 2010 organised by NUSSU (National University of Singapore Student Union). The guys and girls are transformed into "Punk Rockers" look wearing dark heavy make-up and black outfit.

The Black Out party will be held on 30 January 2010 at F1 Pit Building Level 3 Event Suite, Raffles Boulevard, Singapore.

For ticketing sales info, kindly email to

These are the unofficial black & white photos of the "Punk" contestants.

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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

NUS Bash 2010 Photo Shoot

Visit the photo gallery of the crowning
of Mr and Ms NUS -

These are the first few photos just published from the recent photo shoot for NUS Bash 2010.

The shoot was done for the National University of Singapore Bash competition organised by NUSSU and PRU to be held on 30th January 2010. The photos will be used in their publicity campaign to promote the event at their campus, students' network and Facebook.

Two days before the New Year, I must say it was the biggest shoot I have ever embarked on. The roll call started at 8.30am and the team of NUS Bash committee has arrived at my studio with the first pair of contestants to shoot. There are to be a total of seven pairs of contestants to shoot from seven faculties from the university. They are Arts, Business, Engineering, Law, Medicine, Science and SDE. I understand Dentistry had to pull out at the last minute.

With the arrival of the contingent, my makeup artist and hairstylist was no where in sight. So I rang him on his mobile phone as a courtesy and to my surprise he said he was still in bed.

For every photo shoot, the models will need some make-up so they look their best in front of the camera. Simple make-up for men and more elaborate make-up for women that can be time consuming. There are shoots where by one female model can take up to two hours to complete her make-up.

The shoot schedule is to go like this. First I will shoot the male and female subject individually and then pair them up to shoot as a couple. After their shoot, they will then change and transform themselves into the "Punk Rocker" look.

I decided to first shoot the male contestant. I began applying simple make-up for the first male subject. Simple foundation with concealer and highlighter. Elshan was the first person to shoot. He was initially quite uncomfortable in front of the camera. This is usually quite normally when you never model in a studio before. The rest of the contestants I shot goes something like this - Yi Hui who pairs up with Elshan, Clarence and Zona, Sean and Cherissa, Raymond and Valene, Shane and Christine, Sophie and Terrance and the last couple Mathew and Rachel.

For sports wear we were fortunate to have NUM Wear (New Urban Male) clothing line sponsoring the male and female sports wear. We also had Singapore's Blogshop to sponsor some of the ladies dresses.

After the casual and formal wear shoots, the transformation to the next style was incredible. It was a great job by Justin in transforming the innocent looking guys and chicks into some serious Punks! They all come with thick eye shadows, dark lipsticks and big over the top hair style.

To make them look the part, I styled them to wear black outfit with metal chain and accessories. With a little coaching about how they should pose and create the emotion, the transformation was complete. The stand out couple of the day has to be Raymond and Valene who posed with sensuality. The surprise couple were Sean and Cherissa who really surprised me with their great energy.

The last frame for Mathew and Rachel clicked at 9:12:11pm and it was a wrap. It was a great relief and achievement for all. All the contestants put in a great effort and worked hard during the shoot, I thank you for the great work.

It didn't end for me and the NUSSU/PRU committees. We still have to select the pictures which we will use for the marketing campaign. There were over 700 images shot during the day. We finally narrowed down the images and call it a day at close to 11pm.

I would also like to thank Jomain and Craig my photographer assistants for helping out, doing the administration and running the studio.

Also thanks to September 21 for allowing us to use their seminar room as our dressing room.

Make-up/Hair stylist: Justin Lim, Style House (
Clothing: NUM (New Urban Male) Wear -
Dressing room: September 21 -

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Sunday, January 3, 2010

NYE2009/NY2010 Singapore

The clock was ticking toward midnight, signalling the closure of 2009 and thousands of people have gathered around the shores of Marina Bay to welcome the new year.

On the left is Suntec City, 'Durian' shaped theatres by the bay and hotels.

The world's tallest ferris wheel 'Singapore Flyer' is in the middle and on the r...ight is the near completion of Singapore's second casino and resort, Marina Bay Sands estimated cost of $8 billion Singapore dollars.