Friday, January 22, 2010

Birth of a new logo

Today marks the birth of a new logo for my photography business. Thanks to a friend who has helped me to design the new logo.
The new logo is an update of my original logo to freshen it, add a little colour to modernise it. My old logo was first created in December 2007 using an ancient Chinese seal script form of the character for "Dragon". It is pronounced Lóng in Mandarin Chinese. In 2008 I modified it by having a black square box behind the character.

During the process of redesigning my new logo the Lóng character was initially dropped. I was in a dilemma on whether to forgo it and go completely modern. But I felt I still want to keep the oriental feel to it. It is part of me and will always be. Feedback from my friends have also been encouraging too in favour of maintaining the old logo. A good friend sumed it all.

She said "In view of fengshui, LONG is good. It will bring your career to great heights one day. I would suggest you preserve the form & shape of LONG. You can enhance but don't distort LONG too much, otherwise there's no more LONG energy left for you to carry on your career building. LOL". How true and we are after all Chinese J

With a new year, new decade and start of my business in Singapore it would be timely to modernise the logo. Thank you Aaaron Henley for your help to design my new fabulous new logo. Clean and simple logo with a touch of oriental red to make it vibrant.

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