Saturday, December 31, 2011

Season's Greetings

Here’s wishing you a joyous festive holiday season and a very Happy New Year.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Shopping for company vehicle

Over the past year running my photography business without a proper company vehicle that can accomodate my work at times can be danting. You struggle to find the right time and reason, but even then sometimes it may not fit all my equipments. Some of the shoots I attend to may be complex requiring me to almost bring every little items from my studio.

It is now the next step in my business to acquire a proper company vehicle that is large enough to fit my equipment and be self-reliance. Over the past weeks, I have been searching for the right size car and within my budget. My best buddy Ivan and I have been scouting many dealer shops across the island for a decent medium size van.

Being a visual person, hence a photographer I was no doubt attracted to the many Euro-vans with many nice features. But Euro-vans are not known for its reliability and low maintenance cost. After some persuasion from Ivan, I decided to go for the established Japanese brands which make more economic sense.

Today I had the dealer drove the Suzuki Carry 1.3L van to my house for a test drive. It is a nice spacious van, very new and well maintained. I have gathered a list of checklist, a must have when buying a second hand vehicle, the questions to ask the dealer as well as trying to negotiate a better deal.

Here it is a summary of the main items to check for:
Are there log book or service record book?
How much of the road tax will be provided?
What are the insurance?
What is the transfer fees?

Will you replace the worn tires?
Fix the seat?
Add a back sofa?

Open car bonnet and check engine
Turn engine off. Open oil filler cap and check inside of cap and engine for dirt. Take dip stick and check oil level and dirt.
Check spare tires and jack
Air con full blast. Check if cold.
Check oil drip
Check paint work, smooth no bump means no accident
Check car underneath no rust
Check seat belts condition
Lock and unlock all doors
Test lighting, wipers, CD player and all electrical parts

If all goes well, I will collect my van on wednesday.


Friday, September 30, 2011

Singapore Photography Studio

You are looking at photos of our new and more spacious photography studio that we moved into recently. These photos were taken earlier in the evening after the advertising agency that we work with regularly requested some pictures of our new studio to pitch to their client for a new job.

The new studio has separate rooms for lounge/guests and reception. With the new studio we are now more equiped to carry out commercial and corporate shoots beside our regular family, children and personal portrait shoots.

With the opening of our new studio we will soon introduce regular promotions of photography packages for family, individuals and corporate with up to 80% off the usual price. There will be different type of promotions regularly to cater to everyone.

Watch out for the promotions at our official website - Dragonshutter Photography and soon to be launched Facebook Fan page where lucky fans will get to win free photoshoots monthly when you 'like' our page.

P.S. the last photo above was shot to demonstrate to my client who said they need to be able to shoot kids doing different actions like jumping and dancing. I only shot the jumping bit.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Guys Next Door Calendar on Sale 25th August 2011

After many weeks of working late through the night with my colleagues to complete the calendar we have finally finished the artwork and design. I must say I am satisfied with the outcome.

During the calendar design stage, we had to re-shoot one scene and thankfully it turn out well. The images are now with the printing company waiting for them to produce a mock-up for us to reveal.

We have scedule 25th August 2011 to launch the calendar at the EQUUS play at Drama Centre. There will be special guest apperance by the models.

Be among the first to grap this charming calendar that showcase the wholesome lifestyle of the modern men. I look forward to your support.

Friday, July 29, 2011

A Heart-warming Experience

I had a heart-warming experience recent at an annual report shoot for Bizlink a company that help people with disabilities find employment. At the company's workshop, businesses engage them to do simple jobs like folding letters, assembling packages, creating handicrafts and cards for sales and etc. At another room they have people working on PC and manning phones.

One thing that strike a chord in my heart was everyone was smiling and seems to be enjoying their work. Every one of them has some form of disabilities caused by illness or born with it but yet they seem like one big happy family.

At one group shot, for a moment I wondered how I could gather them together. No one hesitated when asked. An older man who is half the height of a grown man walking with a limp simply hold onto the hand of a man besides him. I was so touched. Life may not be perfect for them but they are happy being employed, earning minimal wage and doing something useful in life.

For the rest of us that is not satisfied, contented or happy with our life think again. We have so much given to us that we never for once think what life is like with disabilities. A staff told me one person told her he could work at the company for the rest of his life. Indeed. He is happy because the company see everyone as equal. No one has disability in the company. Society should too, reach out to them and treat them with respect and dignity.

For companies that would like to help to give jobs to people with disabilities please visit their website -

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Graduation Photography Services

It is the time of the year again where universities across Singapore are preparing to say good bye to their students as they graduate from their classes. It is a significant milestone for the graduates which is celebrated with their family and friends.

Many graduates and family also mark this occasion by having a professional studio photo shoot. Here is a photograph of a recent family graduation portrait, a mother and son I shot at my studio.

To all graduates of class of 2011, whether it's a NUS Commencement or NTU Convocation congratulation for this great achievement.

Guys Next Door Calendar 2012

A few weeks ago I was invited by a business friend to shoot for a men's calendar. Their photographer had to pull out at the last minute. Shooting men portrait is one of my strength and I jumped at the opportunity to be able to impart my artistic skill and create some great images for the calendar.

The title of the wall calendar which will be in A3 size is called Guys Next Door. Each month of the calendar will showcase one model wearing the sponsor's undergarment in a unque setting. We have created 12 different settings which losely describe the lifestyle of a modern metrosexual man.

We have shot in many location across Singapore in the past two weeks. We have just wrapped up the last shoot with a model doing a baking scene. In all it was a successful shoot, very taxing but rewarding when we see the images created before our eyes. I will write more in the coming week with some behind the scene photographs of the making of the calendar.

Look out for the launch of the calendar in August 2011.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hello again

Dear friends. It has been many months since I made my last post. We are already half a year into 2011 and much has happened. I will endeavour to post more photos and stories in the coming weeks and keep you up to date about my photography.

Let us start with this wondeful photo of one of Singapore's best kep secret - jungle garden in the heart of Bukit Brown Cemetery. It was my first visit to the area recently after reading in the newspapers that the government might be claiming back the land for redevelopment. It is a very sereal place walking pass the decade old trees, bushes and watching monkeys roaming the ground freely.