Friday, September 30, 2011

Singapore Photography Studio

You are looking at photos of our new and more spacious photography studio that we moved into recently. These photos were taken earlier in the evening after the advertising agency that we work with regularly requested some pictures of our new studio to pitch to their client for a new job.

The new studio has separate rooms for lounge/guests and reception. With the new studio we are now more equiped to carry out commercial and corporate shoots beside our regular family, children and personal portrait shoots.

With the opening of our new studio we will soon introduce regular promotions of photography packages for family, individuals and corporate with up to 80% off the usual price. There will be different type of promotions regularly to cater to everyone.

Watch out for the promotions at our official website - Dragonshutter Photography and soon to be launched Facebook Fan page where lucky fans will get to win free photoshoots monthly when you 'like' our page.

P.S. the last photo above was shot to demonstrate to my client who said they need to be able to shoot kids doing different actions like jumping and dancing. I only shot the jumping bit.

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Lovely pictures and awesome photography.