Friday, July 29, 2011

A Heart-warming Experience

I had a heart-warming experience recent at an annual report shoot for Bizlink a company that help people with disabilities find employment. At the company's workshop, businesses engage them to do simple jobs like folding letters, assembling packages, creating handicrafts and cards for sales and etc. At another room they have people working on PC and manning phones.

One thing that strike a chord in my heart was everyone was smiling and seems to be enjoying their work. Every one of them has some form of disabilities caused by illness or born with it but yet they seem like one big happy family.

At one group shot, for a moment I wondered how I could gather them together. No one hesitated when asked. An older man who is half the height of a grown man walking with a limp simply hold onto the hand of a man besides him. I was so touched. Life may not be perfect for them but they are happy being employed, earning minimal wage and doing something useful in life.

For the rest of us that is not satisfied, contented or happy with our life think again. We have so much given to us that we never for once think what life is like with disabilities. A staff told me one person told her he could work at the company for the rest of his life. Indeed. He is happy because the company see everyone as equal. No one has disability in the company. Society should too, reach out to them and treat them with respect and dignity.

For companies that would like to help to give jobs to people with disabilities please visit their website -

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