Sunday, January 24, 2010

New Photography Website Design

This is a first look at the design and layout of my new website. My old website was designed in December 2007 when I entered into the photography business.

A good photography website that is well designed with good content will help to create interest in my work and bring business. A good website is critical these days as it is a photographer's online portfolio.

Over the weekend I have spent countless hours putting together the concept design that I like which I feel has to be very photography centric. As a photographer, the photos are our work and that is what people want to see and buy from us. Hence the photos are now the main focus and in large images to draw the viewers attention.

The new design has colour added using the oriental red from my new logo for some of the text. My logo has the Chinese character 'lóng' which means dragon and I thought it would be appropriate to add a new symbol at the bottom. It is the lucky clouds which is auspicious that bring blessings and harmony.

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