Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Streets of Bangkok

Bangkok city is a kaleidoscope of amazing sights. From very posh modern malls to traditional shops and street side hawkers. The sight is always changing and walking down the streets you can experience the Thai cultures from temples to amazing food. Thailand is a land of smile and I can say it is one of my favourite country to visit. People are friendly and always smiling.

There are over 8 million people living in Bangkok and indeed very crowded everywhere you walk. Add to that, the traffic isn't better and if you are caught in a traffic jam it can be unpleasant. I find the best way to see Bangkok is to use it's BTS skytrain which is clean and runs on time.

In the last photo above, it is one of the best thai food I ever had. It was at a hawker stall at a side street at the popular Silom street. It was a muslim dish with yellow coloured rich and chicken curry. The spicy soup is a clear version of the famous Tom Yum soup. The food was delicious and cheap.

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