Monday, April 12, 2010

High Tea at Tiffin Room

I cannot remember the last time I visited Tiffin Room at the Raffles Hotel but it must have been a long time ago. Last week I was invited to tea on a sunny afternoon together with some friends from the theatre. A friend of mine was running a vocal workshop and the high tea was specially organised for his trainer Bill Pepper. Bill is vocal trainer from the prestigious acting school in Australia called NIDA.

Tiffin Room has long been a Raffles tradition. Tiffin curry has been served there since 1899 and hence the name Tiffin. Walking into the quiet room brings me back to the Hotel’s glory days from the turn of the century. First thing that caught my eyes was the
neutral colour tone of the wall and the white table linen. I understand the designs of the tables, chairs and the smart waiters uniform are copied from Raffles early photographs.

I was the last guest to arrived as I had a business lunch earlier. Sitting down I immediately noticed how elegantly the table was laid with the fine china and cutlery. In front of me was a 3-tier plate stand that serve finger sandwiches and tarts. There were also delicious scone that are served with four different jam and fresh cream. At the end of the room, is a local buffet spread of dim sum like siew mai, char siew pau, dry mee siam, poh piah and kueh to name a few.

We stayed for quite a while enjoying the food and conversation with regular refill of tea and coffee. On the whole, Tiffin Room is certainly a wonderful place to visit for an afternoon of high tea and to experience the elegant of Raffles.

Reference: Raffles Hotel website

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