Sunday, November 16, 2008

Lumiere Festival de Saison

Recently I was at the Lumiere residental apartment to shoot it's first anniversary celebration which consisted of a day of activities for its residents.

Festival de Saison was an opportunity for its residents and guests to come together to sample a variety of classes, events and activities. There were swimwear fashion shows from 2eros and Jets, Napoleon and MOHS offering mini makeovers and hair styling, Oak Barrel providing the perfect accompaniment, champagne and wine tasting. There was also Stan Toohey providing caricature portraits.

As for myself besiding covering the events, I have setup my first photography stall to promote my photography. It was a mini studio that provided free portrait shoot which was very popular with 65 people posing for the camera. It was exhauting having to cover the activities over two floors throughout the day and going back to the stall at intervals to shoot the portraits. But it was rewarding as there were many great shots coming out of the shoot. All this would not have been possible without the help of my very hardworking friends. Thanks Karen, Sharon and Gerald for running the stall so flawlessly.

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