Friday, February 20, 2009

Best Nasi Lemak in Johor Bahru

Food is one of the pleasure in our life. For me, I do have many favourite food and I will make it a point to have them whenever I can. One favourite food is called the "Nasi Lemak" which is a favourite dish among many Singaporeans and Malaysians.

A best friend of mine who frequents Malaysia introduced to me this famous Malay restaurant which is built on stilts out in the sea. It is built with wood in traditional Malay architecture. The name of the restaurant is called "Nasi Lemak Berlauk". I think it is also called "Indah Selalu" which is located at the district of "Senibong" in Johor Bahru.

Since my first visit there, we have been back numerous times. It has one of the best nasi lemak I ever had with delicious satay and fresh seafood. Due to the low Malaysian currency exchange, the cost of the meal is so inexpensive.

If you ever make it there, remember to order the fresh steam fish cooked in Thai spicy sauce which is so fresh and delicous. The satay is chunky and delicious. So is the peanut dip sauce that comes with it. The teh tarik milk tea is excellent too.

The drive to the restaurant from Singapore takes over an hour passing by Permas Jaya brige and Jusco towards Senibong district.

If you have a GPS, key in these coordinates and you will certainly find the restaurant with ease.

Coordinates: N1°29.086 E103°49.041

Incidentally when I googled for the words "Best Nasi Lemak in Johor" this restaurant is ranked first and mentioned in many other websites. So without doubt this is a winner!

Coordinates: 1°29'5"N 103°49'2"E

Updated to this blog: Jan 2010
We visited the restaurant again sometime in Sep/Oct 2009 but was surprised to find out that the food quality has deteriorated. The chicken that came with our nasi lemak was tough to eat. It tasted as though the chicken was a leftover and wasn't fresh. My friends left without eating the chicken. We were disappointed. What happened to our favourite nasi lemak restaurant?

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