Sunday, February 15, 2009

Model photo shoot at traditional shophouses

I had the pleasure to shoot a gorgeous female model recently. The location was the old traditional Chinese shophouses along Mohd Sultan Road which has turned into a trendy place for pubs, dance clubs and offices.

When shooting outdoor I would usually use interesting backdrop to give interest to the pictures. In this shoot, the old shophouses with its high wooden ceiling, '5 foot' walkway, large wooden doors give character to the pictures.

Shooting outdoor always proves quite a challenge especially when the weather turns against you. Unlike shooting in a studio with controlled lighting, the weather, the sun can change at any time.

After we arrived at the location and I was setting up the equipment, the rain came pouring down from the sky. We tried to wait for the rain to stop but after a few minutes when it seems like it is not going to I had to be creative and start shooting around the limited space. The rain did finally stopped and we were able to move freely along the '5 foot' walkway.

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