Saturday, October 11, 2008

Samuel's Restaurant at Thirroul

On a recent drive down the south coast, I stopped over a restaurant called Samuel's for lunch. This is the only restaurant recommended by Sydney Morning Herald's Good Food Guide located in the coastal town of Thirroul.

On entering the restaurant, I am presented with its white walls, oil paintings and timber floorboards which is cool and welcoming after the long drive. The white theme continues in the tables, wooden chairs and restrooms. The menu is mainly modern Australian cuisine. The waiter is friendly and articulate with very good knowledge of the cuisine listed in the menu.

As the restaurant was crowded it took a while before the dishes were served. I enjoyed my meal which was delicious, not overwhelming with just the right taste. By the time we finished our meal and desserts were served, my table and another were the only remaining with customers. The coffee was slow and served only when it had to be reminded.

After lunch I head off to the curves of the South Coast stretch from Thirroul to Stanwell Park to view the award-winning picturesque Sea Cliff Bridge, which links Coalcliff and Clifton.

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