Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Singapore Grand Prix

Formula One's first night race held last weekend in Singapore was a huge success. I saw the live action on TV and I must say the images of the street race with the backdrop of the Singapore skyline and historical buildings are stunning. It's truly like a scene taken from a video racing game.

There were 1600 floodlights that lit the 5km street circuit which created an amazing lighted landscape of the downtown city. The race runs over 61 laps and a total distance of 309.087km. Maximum speeds is around 300 kph. McLaren calculate the average speed will be around 175 kph. Who ever imagine driving that speed in the city? More facts here.

The inaugural Singapore Grand Prix ended with Fernando Alonso who scored a memorable win for Renault.

I managed to find a few spectacular images on the internet and I am sure we will see many more amazing photos in the coming days. More photos here.

Photo credit - AP, AFP

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