Sunday, December 14, 2008

Model Makeover

Good makeup is essential in producing high fashion photography. One recent shoot I had, I had two models. While one of the model has her makeup done, the other model happens to be around when I was testing the lighting. Models usually go to a shoot without makeup. So I shot the above picture (inset) of the model without her makeup. The makeover picture has been airbrushed to enhance the look.

Good makeup can really transforms a person into someone totally different, be it the glamourous or the pretty look. Of course a person without makeup can be beautiful in its natural form.

It has occurred to me to ask myself whether some people can be too consumed with makeup that they cannot live without it? Can it be like a mask they carry around to give them confident? Why I say this is I recalled my experience with a Japanese girlfriend of mine a long time ago. When I got to know her and visited her home; on occasions at night I was puzzled why she never ever removed her makeup. After I explained to her that it doesn't matter to me that she finally opened up to the notion about letting me see her natural beautiful self.


Last Place Finisher said...

Can I meet her?

Kidding aside, I always wanted to do fashion shoots. Closest I ever came was doing head hosts.

Glad I discovered your site.

Dragonplane Blog said...

Thanks, i'm glad you enjoyed my site.